Takeda is a global pharmaceutical company,

present in over 70 countries and has

more than 30 thousand employees engaged

around the world. Being a research oriented

company, Takeda ranks 7th place on biggest pipeline 

between all global pharmaceutical companies.

With more than 233 years of experience, guided

by its corporate values such as Passion, Diversity,

Teamwork, Commitment, Transparency and Innovation,

Takeda is the 1st pharmaceutical company in Japan

and the 15th largest global company in the

prescription area, besides being the 8th largest

pharmaceutical company in Brazil.

Takeda is committed to strive
the improvement of human health
worldwide by leadership in innovation of medicines.

São Paulo Office

Rua do Estilo Barroco, 721
Santo Amaro - São Paulo
CEP 04709-011
PABX: +11 5188 4400
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Health Professionals

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Jaguariúna Plant

Rodovia SP340, km 133,5
Jaguariúna - São Paulo
CEP 13820-000
PABX: +19 3847 5580
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Customer Service Hotline



Indústria e Comércio de Produtos Farmacêuticos RS 401, Km 30, nº 1009 São Jerônimo – Rio Grande do Sul CEP 96700-000 PABX: + 51 3055 9000

Takeda Brazil 60th Anninversary

60 anos 

Takeda Brazil HR Awards

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